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Advanced Driver Training Centre’s trainers are highly motivated to make drivers safer - there is no sacrifice for safety on & off road!

All trainers have a unique blend of skills and are experts in the field of Motor Vehicle Safety. Advanced Driver Training Centre’s trainers work closely with vehicle manufacturers. They are always being kept abreast of the latest in safety and technology innovations before becoming available to the general public. This transfers directly into the training packages delivered to our clients. All trainers at Advanced Driver Training Centre hold a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Colin Ugarte

Director ADTC Townsville Qualified Learner Drive Instructor (TLI14207) Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Colin has been involved in driver training for over 20 years. Working in Driver Education both in Australia and in Europe. Training in Europe has helped him to better understand drivers, and to develop training methods to improve the confidence and abilities of drivers from Learners onwards.

With a unique background in the motor vehicle industry, having the opportunity over the past 20 years to work directly with Vehicle and Tyre manufactures, proving, testing and launching new vehicles. Training Local Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Military, Government, Corporate, Learn to Drive and everyday licensed drivers. He is well placed to give participants a broad and factual account of modern day motoring, road safety and driver training.

Rick Bates

Director ADTC Canberra Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Rick provides precision driving services for many television commercials for companies such as Toyota, Aston Martin, Telstra, Honda, VW Golf, Nissan and KFC. He has recently appeared in commercials such as the Toyota Hilux Black Betty and Goodyear ads. He has provided precision driving for television programs and video shoots such as Escape with ET, Network Ten’s RPM and lends his expertise as a driver/motoring critic for the Motoring Magazine’s annual “Bang for Bucks” feature.
Rick has organised and run activities ranging from drive days on race tracks, on-road drive programs and also 4WD drive programs. The 4WD programs have been conducted on both man-made tracks and natural environment tracks. The drive programs cater for both small groups of people through to large gatherings of dealer, media and client days. A recent program involved Rick’s team traveling to the North Coast of NSW to train contract drivers for the Leighton’s Company. Rick has a reliable network of professional drivers and instructors for large drive days or programs.

Graham Crawford

Director ADTC Melbourne Certificate IV TAE40110 in Workplace Training and Assessment - Qualified Learn to Drive instructor in Vic and NSW

Graham has worked as a Driver Trainer and Presenter since 1994. Originally starting in the automotive industry 30 years ago he has been involved with all aspects of motoring, management, presentations and driver training for over 20 years. He has worked with driver training organisations delivering training to companies all over Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, instructing in all forms of motoring from, professional drivers, competition drivers, four-wheel drive and learner drivers. As a presenter he has been the master of ceremonies at manufacturer’s product launches, presentation nights and new vehicle launches for vehicle manufacturers around the world. He is well placed to give participants a broad and factual account of modern day motoring, road safety and driver training.



Defensive Driving

TLIC3036 Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours RIIVEH201D Operate Light Vehicle TLIC1051 Operate a Commercial Vehicle. This course is designed to reduce the risk of everyday drivers on our roads. From P Platers to professional drivers. Advanced Driver Training has been the leader in driver training for 30 years. There is no sacrifice for experience when it comes to your life.

P-Plate Course

TLIC3036 Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours. We can reduce the risk! Our course is modelled on a number of highly successful mandatory courses that are proven to make a difference in European countries. Being a Nationally Recognised training it is tax deductable.

4wd Courses

Widely regarded by many government and Emergency Services organisations as one of the most current 4WD course available. This course does include recovery and is either a 1 or 2-day course depending on clients’ needs.

Trailer Towing

AURTGA3001 Drive Manoeuvre Trailer. Caravans, Camper Trailers, Box Trailers, and Utility Trailers - We'll help you with whatever your passenger car towing requirements are.

UpComing Courses

Moving ever forward we encourage you to remain fully up to date with all our future courses. Consider the High-Performance Driving Course. Please call or email for more details (1300 866 156 or admin@advanceddrivertraining.com.au)

Behind The Wheel Training And Assessment

TLIC1051 Operate Commercial Vehicle TLIC3036 Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours. This course is recommended for people who may be struggling with the ever changing traffic situations they encounter and for corporate clients looking to assess their staff’s driving habits in company vehicles.

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